Take your life to the next level using BossUp101’s Self-Discovery, Personal Development and Strategic Goal Setting worksheets!
30 minute complimentary Discovery Call with me, your Mindset Mentor and Goal Setting Strategist. During our call, we will discuss your aspirations, passion, purpose and will identify limitations/limiting beliefs. We will also discuss how I can help you BossUp and take your life to the next level, so that you can pursue your goals and live your dream!
During our discovery session, we will identify your passion + purpose. We will work through strategic worksheets and activities that I have created to enhance your awareness and guide you in the discovery of your passion/purpose. We will identify opportunities that allow you to operate in your passion & purpose.



What is an accountability partner?
An accountability partner is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment.
Mission and Purpose
As your accountability partner, I will help you set strategic goals and stay focused on those goals.
During accountability check-ins you will:
Receive guidance in setting strategic goals & creating a plan of action
Receive positive, Success Mindset Development tips
Learn personal Accountability strategies
Customize your accountability check-ins (days & times) that work for you!
Accountability Check-in Options:
Daily: 2pm, 5pm and 10pm (1 or all 3 times, or choose your own times)
Weekly: Wens, Fri, and Sundays (1 day, all 3 days or choose your own days)
You can customize the days/times
How much does this service cost?
$5 per week
Payment Options:
Square Cash App