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3 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals and Dreams


newproject_1_originalSo, you took your dream and you set some goals! Now what? 

Now, it’s time for you to set some things in place, to help keep you focused on those goals.

You can set yourself up for success by purposefully  doing things that you know will remind you of those goals and will passively act as motivators for you.

Keep in mind, that what works for me, may not work for you. Why? Because, what motivates me, may not motivate you.

So, it’s time to make this personal.  I suggest pulling out your notepad and jotting down a few things that you know keep you motivated.

Notice: Are your goals your motivators as well? Keep this in mind. Because, I am going to show you three things that I have created and put in place to help me stay focused on my goals. All three will help you visualize what your goals are, each and every day. Being able to visualize your goals everyday is important, because, if you read my latest blog post, then you know that we should write, speak and see our goals/dreams, everyday! 

The #1 thing I highly recommend you do is to create a vision board! The creative process of creating a vision board is just as important as the benefits of having one. 20170416_201652Creating a vision board is something that you have to do for yourself. And, when you do it, you have to really get real with yourself and really think about what it is you want to achieve. You also have to consider what actions you’ll have to take to achieve those goals. A lot of people never get around to making their dreams come true, because they are too busy avoiding the steps that it’s going to take to get to where they “say” they want to be. Are you willing to do what it takes to make your dream a reality? Great! Then, make a vision board. There are many ways that you can do this. You can cut out pictures from a magazine and tape/glue them onto a poster board. You can buy an actual board and glue your pictures on and conceal it with MOD Podge, which is what I did. You can print photos from online, you can draw your own pictures… The possibilities are endless. Be creative and have fun with it, because this is something that you have to see every day, multiple times a day! This is something that needs to remind you of your goals & dreams and needs to motivate you to hustle hard! 

The 2nd recommendation I have is to create a vision book. I decided to have a vision book made, because I realized that I am not home very often. I’m always at work, church, the gym, library, etc. So, my vision board that is hanging up on the wall of my office is not as effective as it will be for me, as it is for someone who is home more often. I needed something that would serve the same purpose, but that would be portable as well! So, I went online, found pictures of my goals and saved them to my desktop. Then, I went to Walgreen’s website and created a photo book. My vision book is small enough to fit into the back pocket of my purse. So, it goes with me wherever I go. When I’m stuck in traffic, I take it out and begin to flip through and visualize my goals and to read the positive affirmations aloud. Just like with the vision board, there are many ways to do this. 20170416_202352I designed my vision book on line and had it mailed to me, but you can do it like a scrapbook too. In fact, I would encourage you to use your camera or cellphone to take actual pictures or the legitimate thing that you want, if that is possible of course! The key to this, is to be as specific as possible! If you want a dog, then include a picture of the exact kind of dog you want. If I want a French Bulldog puppy, then that is what I’m going to get a picture of. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to visualize your goals and dreams being a reality.

The 3rd and last idea I want to share with you is by far my favorite one! Create a vision binder! Some people call them Life Binders, Goal Binders or Success Binders too. It’s the same thing. It doesn’t matter what you call it, just know that it serves the same purpose. A vision binder is what will keep you organized. All of your calendars, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planners and goal trackers will be kept in this binder. You can also keep things like updated resumes, password logs, and budget sheets in there as well. 20170416_201835You know, when I first thought of doing this, I felt like I’d just thought of some genius idea. That was, until I went on YouTube to search for other ideas, and found that many people are already doing this! There are all sorts of ideas out there. So, you can always take from these ideas that I have shared with you and make it your own! You can choose to do all three, you can choose one or none. Whatever you do, I hope that you will take action and put something in place that will help you to stay focused on your goals!

For more information on this topic, feel free to check out the video by clicking the link below. Thanks for reading and be sure to share, like and comment! I’d love to hear what you do to help you stay focused on your goals & dreams.newproject_1_original (3)

Until’ next time, peace & love,

 – Your Mindset Mentor & Goal Setting Strategist






8 thoughts on “3 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals and Dreams”

  1. I have a vision board, but I must say this is the first time I’m hearing of vision books and binders! But it totally makes sense. Those will be my spring project for sure 🙂

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  2. I’ve never heard of a vision book. Vision boards are what I usually see. I think a vision book makes more sense. That’s definitely what I need to do. Love these ideas!!

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