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3 Ways to Invest in Yourself

3 Ways to Invest in Yourself (1)Ready to invest in yourself & in your dreams? Let’s jump right into the content! Here are 3 things that you can do to invest in yourself and to get closer to living your dream.

1. Invest in yourself by finding a life coach or strategist who can help you take your life to the next level. There are various forms of coaching that you can get. You can receive coaching services online, as well as in person. There are so many coaching courses and mentoring opportunities out there that will enhance your skills and abilities, teach you new tips and tricks to help you do what you do, better! Another benefit of coaching sessions is that you will get to learn from other people’s mistakes, so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes yourself. Also, instead of spending years trying to build your dream by way of trial and error, you can fast-track your way to success, once again, by learning from those who have already been there and done that!

2. Invest in yourself by expanding your knowledge. Intentionally place yourself in position to excel! You can do this by attending seminars, conferences, coaching and mentoring sessions, getting free education through online courses (Alison and Udemy), Periscope, etc. There are so many resources available to you, you just have to know where to find it. If you need help finding the sources that fit your specific need(s), feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to assist.

3. Invest in yourself by reading! And, I don’t mean comic books or Dr. Suess (Not that anything is wrong with that).. But, I’m talking about reading non-fiction, self-help, self-discovery and personal development type of books. Books that will challenge your mindset, empower you and present knowledge on your niche. Now, I understand that everyone does not find reading enjoyable or appealing. There is an alternative for that. You can join a book club, online or in person. You can listen to audio-books or read on your Kindle or on your iPhone/Android cellphone. There are so many options, that there really are no excuses not to. And, there is always room for growth and improvement. Reading books by experts in your field or by people who are already excelling at doing what you aspire to do is a great way to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills.

Bonus Tip: Invest in yourself spiritually. All the above strategies are great but without this one, it won’t mean much in the long run. The underlining definition of success is to live your life operating in your God given purpose. In order to do that, we must be connected to the very one who created us and knows all about us. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. He knows our thoughts and concerns. He is our life-line! So, invest in yourself spiritually through prayer, meditation, fasting, worship and reading you bible/devotional daily.     

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

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Until’ next time, peace & love.

 – Your Mindset Mentor & Goal Setting Strategist


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